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Emotional Awareness!

Posted by Paul C. Lewis on October 2, 2016 at 5:10 PM

October is Emotional Awareness Month! 

Emotions play a pivotal role in how we think, behave and react to situations in our eveyday lifes. Our emotions can be short lived such as a quick reaction to an annoyance, or longer lasting such the sadness over the loss of a relationship or the death of a loved one.  In perfect health, mind, body, spirit and soul are connected and aligned. If our emotional body is burdened with anger, sadness, anxiety, despair, or depression, it can affect our health and cause energy flows to be disrupted.

In Chinese Medicine, each of our organs are connected to an emotion. For example, the Liver represents anger, the Heart is related to joy, the Spleen to pensiveness, and the Lungs to anxiety. To acheive balance and wellness the energy running throughout the pathways or Meridians in the body must be balanced and free flowing. In this state, our energy circuit board is connected and our organs are receiving nourishment and energy.

Emotional intelligence or our ability to understand and manage emotions, plays a critical role in our decision-making process. Logic and reasoning are only part of reaching a decision. The other part is emotions. How we manage our emotions is directly related to our overall wellness and flow of energy. If we are grounded in our beings and our energy is free-flowing and balanced, our emotional response can actually motivate us to take action and do something positive to affect the outcome.

Acupuncture and Osteopathy can help balance and move energy, circulation, blood, lymph and align joints. As energy and bodily fluids move and mind, body, spirit, and soul align, inate healing powers from within are harnessed. Emotional awarenes is heightened and one is grounded. Decisions are made in a stable, informed and relaxed state. Book your treatment today and start to 'take back your health' and achieve 'balance and wellness'. Emotional wellness is a state of mindfulness and being in the present. Stress and anxiety, migraines, and depression.....receive 20% of the initial consultation!  

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